Executive Committee and Contacts

Interim Administrative Unit 2019/20

Chief Administrator Victor K. Nip (MBA 1996) victor.nip@hktx.org
Treasurer Carl Sung (MBA 2003) carl.sung@hktx.org
Member Winson Chan (BA 2004) winson.chan@hktx.org
Ivy Yung (BS 2013) ivy.yung@hktx.org
On Facebook HKTX Officers https://www.facebook.com/HKTXCommittee

Other Contacts

Email Address for all Enquires info@hktx.org
Texas Exes Mr Brian Ricter
(Networks Coordinator, Texas Exes)
2110 San Jacinto
PO Box 7278
Austin, TX 78713-7278
+1 512 840-5616
Bank Bank of East Asia A/C# 015-248-68-00457-4