HKTX in Social Media


From time to time, our members are invited to join activities organized by alumni organizations of other universities. Details of such activities are communicated through Facebook. More than 50% of our members have joined our Facebook group, and some people who are not our alumni but attended our activities because of their connections with our alumni are also in the group. Some alumni in the Facebook group have not officially joined Hong Kong Texas Exes yet. Through the group alumni get connected with many long-lost friends. To connect with other alumni online and receive information of the above-mentioned activities, join our Facebook group at the following URL:

Alternatively, you may use the following link to redirect you to the Facebook group:

If you do not have an account with Facebook, you may open an account for free. You will need to supply some more basic information at the minimum, and we suggest you supply the minimum amount of information unless you are comfortable with supplying additional information. Also, please note that there is a “privacy” section that you may want to explore in order to hide the information that you do not want to show others.


The LinkedIn HKTX group ( is a members only group for our members to connect with one another.  Our co-founder’s profile ( has connected more than 100 members on the professional network. LinkedIn is the best way to make your own connections with our fellow members on a DIY basis.

If you are a member and you have not connected with us through LinkedIn yet, please take action now by joining the group and making connections with our co-founder’s profile. If you are not a member yet and want to connect with our members, you may join us and get connected.