Postponed: Texas Independence Day Dinner and Annual General Meeting

The Texas Independence Day Dinner and Annual General Meeting is postponed.

The IAU (Interim Administration Unit) has scheduled the AGM (Annual General Meeting), and the related dinner gathering, according to the requirements of the HKTX Constitution. When the IAU met in January to schedule the AGM, we has decided to access the health situation and make a decision in the middle this week on whether the AGM will be held as scheduled. A backup date, which as five weeks from now, was also set in case the AGM should be postponed.

We saw the situation in Hong Kong has stabilized in the last two weeks, but the worldwide situation has worsened and the WHO has declared coronavirus a global pandemic. While the IAU has full intention to meet the requirement of the Constitution and not to let down the alumni who have already shown their interest to support us, we came to the conclusion that we postpone the event to a later date.
We will send out an invitation when we reconfirm the date of the event.