Happy Hour with UT Director of Development Jennifer Wang


This event marks the 45th time that we host an event in Dickens Bar of the Excelsior Hotel, and it could be the last time before the bar, together with the rest of the hotel, will close its business for the redevelopment of the land on which it is situated.

We started at 7pm and our participants arrived one by one.  We had about a dozen of people joining.  Despite the event was scheduled to end at 9, most of us stayed till at least 10pm with our never-ending friendly conversations.

Stay tuned for our next event!


Jennifer Wang, Director of Development, International Advancement of our University Development Office is coming to town for business. She would like to take this opportunity to meet our alumni here. We have not had a happy hour gathering for a long time so we would like to take this opportunity to organize one in our favorite venue for a long while, although not quite recently: Dickens Bar at the Excelsior Hotel.

As now is summer vacation we will also invite our current students to join. It is a great opportunity for our guest, our alums, and our students to meet here.

As you might have heard from the news that the Excelsior Hotel will be demolished in favor of a new office building. It would be great for us to meet there again one more time (at least).

Date: August 11 (Friday)
Time: 7-9pm
Damage: Buy your own food and drinks

RSVP. We will make a reservation based on how many people sign up.

See y’all there!

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