Museum Visit and Lunch with Students of McComb’s BBA Short-Term International Program


From Newsletter #7:

This year, the McCombs BBA Short-Term International Program had once again picked Hong Kong as the visiting city for their some 30 Supply Chain Management students.  Led by Shery Chanis, a staffer of the program who originally came from Hong Kong, the group had spent their summer both on and off the campus of The Chinese University in Hong Kong, and had traveled across the border to visit factories in Shenzhen and Dongguan in Mainland China.  Part of their exploration in Hong Kong was jointly organized by the program and HKTX.

On June 22, members from the two groups, both students and alumni, visited the Hong Kong Heritage Museum in Shatin.  The highlights at the museum was the showcase of Studio Ghibli Layout Designs, a notorious Japanese animation company founded by directors Isao Takahata and Hayao Miyazaki, along with an exhibition of Bruce Lee’s memorabilia, both happened to be very recognizable by the students due to their popularity in the US.  The students also found other exhibitions at the museum about New Territories’ heritage, Cantonese opera, and Chinese art to be very interesting and had enriched their understanding of the Chinese culture.

The museum visit was followed by a dim-sum lunch at the nearby Fung Shing Restaurant (鳳城酒家), a restaurant famous for Shunde (順德) cuisine.  Both the students and the alumni had spent a wonderful afternoon together.

From museum visit to quite a different form of local culture, on July 3 the students and members and friends of HKTX gathered again at Privé in Lan Kwai Fong for a happy hour gathering.  The students and Shery also took the opportunity to present their token of appreciation to HKTX.

This summer marked the fourth year HKTX had received students from the school during their summer visits to Hong Kong.   Every year, meeting the students was almost like meeting ourselves from the past when we were still studying at the university.  Simply by talking to the students, it reminded us of what it was like to be one of the Longhorns and the pride of being a UT graduates.  Not only had meeting the students reignited the school spirit in our hearts, it was also a wholesome feeling to know that these fine students would one day become the pillars of our society.  We wish them good luck, and we look forward to see more students visiting Hong Kong again!


This year, the McComb’s BBA Short-Term International Program will send a class of Supply Chain Management (SCM) students to take a course in Hong Kong and experience the Chinese culture and business environment in Hong Kong and China.

Like the previous 3 years HKTX will organize activities for the students and the alumni here to meet. The first one will be a dim sum lunch on June 22 which will be preceded by a visit to the Hong Kong Heritage Museum in Shatin. The visit will start at 10am while the lunch will start at around noon in Shatin.

Come and talk to the students! Learn from them what it is like to study at UT now!

We will gather at the Shatin MTR Station at 10am. Lunch will be dim sum at noon at Fung Shing Restaurant:

May the ‘Horns be with y’all!

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