Thanksgiving and Christmas Dinner @ Small Potato


Last year, we had quite a good turnout for our Thanksgiving and Christmas Dinner. This year, the dinner is coming again!

Here are the details:

Date: December 6 (Saturday)
Time: 7-10pm
Venue: Small Potato (薯仔屋, 4/F, 4 Sun Wui Road, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong)
Telephone: 2890 4884
Cost: $260 per adult and $180 per kid aged 2-7


  • Buffet dinner with whole turkey
  • Games
  • Sale of UT memorabilia
  • Gift exchange


  1. Garlic Bread with Cheese 蒜容飽
  2. French Caesar Salad 法式凱撒沙律
  3. Tuna Penne Salad 吞拿魚長通粉沙律
  4. Small Potato Fish and Chips with Gravy 薯仔屋炸魚薯條
  5. Small Potato Chicken Wings with Rosemary Herbs 薯仔屋蜜汁雞翼
  6. Small Potato Honey Chicken Wings 薯仔屋香草雞翼
  7. Small Potato Mixed Mushrooms with Broccoli 薯仔屋焗雜會菇菇焗伴西蘭花
  8. Small Potato Mixed Sausages with Honey 薯仔屋焗雜會蜜汁腸腸
  9. Deluxe Pizza 薯仔屋豪華至尊酥皮薄餅
  10. Christmas Turkey (10-12 lb) 聖誕全隻烤焗火雞 (10-12磅)
  11. Pan-fried Spaghetti with Frankfurt Sausage 香草司華力腸炒意粉
  12. Spaghetti with Mushrooms, Bacon and Tomato Sauce 西班牙茄汁煙肉磨菇意粉

* Number of Drinks per person: 2 Drinks (包括所有特飲)

* Bottle Opening Fee開瓶費: HK$20 /Bottle

* Beer Opening Fee啤酒開瓶費: HK$20 /Half dozen

Participants please bring a gift of value about HK$50 for the gift exchange.

For inquiries, please call Celine Lok at 6477 8316.

Happy Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas!