Dragon Boat Race Watching and Lunch with Students of McComb’s BBA Short-Term International Program


On June 20, 2015, together with our fellow members, we were delighted to show our visiting UT students a piece of a very old Chinese culture, the yearly Tuen Ng Festival dragon boat race.  Known to very few people, and according to author Worcester George, the use of dragon boats for racing are believed to have originated in southern central China more than 2,500 years ago, during the same era when the games of ancient Greece were being established at Olympia.

Although it was a typical hot and humid summer day in Hong Kong, the weather had little effect on the contestants.  Standing along the bank of the Shing Mun River, and just meters away from the nearest boats, watching the synchronized pedal motions and nearly feeling the splash they created, the UT students were amazed by such a high spirit and great sportsmanship of the dragon boat race contestants.  As the host of the event, we were also very glad to have shown the UT students a different side of Hong Kong culture.

The race was followed by a delicious and authentic Cantonese “dim-sum” feast at the Pearl Delight restaurant In New Town Plaza.   Although some of the students had “dim-sum” before, the food they had in that afternoon had brought their impression of the well know Cantonese culture to a next level.  Some said that the “dim-sum” was nothing like what they could easily find back in the United States.

We had a great afternoon having lunch and chatting with the current students of UT.  The event ended with an exchange of souvenirs between our then President Victor Nip and professor of the Program Prof. Mike Hasler of Supply Chain Management.


The McComb’s BBA Short-Term International Program will once again send a class of Supply Chain Management (SCM) students to take a course in Hong Kong and experience the Chinese culture and business environment in Hong Kong and China during the summer.

Unlike the previous 4 years, we have only one chance for the students and the alumni here to meet. On the day of the Tuen Ng Festival, we will watch the dragon boat race in Shatin with the students and then have a dim sum lunch with them nearby.

Come and talk to the students! Learn from them what it is like to study at UT now!

We will gather at the Shatin MTR Station at 10am.

Date: June 20 (Saturday)
Time: 10am
Meeting Place: Shatin MTR Station Ticketing Area

Lunch will be at noon and the venue is as follows:

Date: June 20 (Saturday)
Time: 12 noon
Venue: Pearl Delight 明珠閣
Shop 127, Phrase 1, New Town Plaza, Sha Tin
Damage: Share the food cost

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May the ‘Horns be with y’all!

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